A generic Example

test tool for shadow-ban detection, algorithmic filtering, personalization in searches

Problem statement — what's CHIARO want to display

Every person (or, every profile as Google see you) gets different results even when they perform the same research query

what CHIARO can solve?

1. Showing the complexity of Artificial Intelligene and personalization in human terms

2. Display how divergent might become our perception

3. Keeping Youtube/Google accountable independently! get in touch ― project Twitter, Facebook page, Mattermost chat.

How to build a CHIARO

To build a CHIARO, you need a list of search terms that belong to a certain topics (e.g. ‘Abortion Clinics’, or ‘Cheaper phone’), a name, a description, a few information that would automatically display alongside the results to provide context.

This CHIARO can be edited as markdown on github: Feel free to copy and create a new list and open a pull request. The list of search query is in this config file.

To edit the list of allowed query, which you can suggest to friends to:

  1. download browser extension
  2. access to one or many search query
  3. it can be done by different devices
  4. you can visualize the different results
  5. we suggest you download the data and perform better analysis than simply seeing the differences.

below query list and download button for CSV.

Technicalities: How a CHIARO page gets generated?

This is a markdown file you can edit in github, and at the bottom there is a portion of the page attacched by javascript. The templating system used is HUGO.

Which calls

It calls onload the js function


As argument takes the campaign name, the variable comes from the URL of this page and look for a campaign from this file:
Behind the scene, an API call to /api/v2/queries/<campaignName>

And this horizontal line is the last written in the markdown, below follows the section attached to each CHIARO.

Loading list query list...

Please note: This tool is in the beta stage; In September 2020, it was a barely working prototype, launched on a Disruption Lab Workshop. A few significant changes might still happen. If you feel you might help this project, checkout code: backend API, frontend, jquery, or check the contact page.