Winter School 2021 Experiment

A quick recap to repeat research here

Here you can repeat search query — and download data

We investigate on how two profiles gets different results on YouTube search queries

By following the methodology defined for this experiment:

We are at “Query search on YouTube”

You should have the extension installed, and by clicking on the popup, consent to data processing. If not:

Install browser extension

You might eventually use an automation to train your browser/profile, if isn’t your personal one.

  1. Read Chrome –user-data-dir documentation, that’s explain how the browser might be manager to ensure only new cookies/localstorage/extensions would be used in the session
  2. Download yttrex repository, follow the instruction in automation, and consider the training files for progressive and conservative personas.

Now please click on ‘repeat’ and the extension would record your results.

Loading list query list...

Please note: This tool is in the beta stage; In September 2020, it was a barely working prototype, launched on a Disruption Lab Workshop. A few significant changes might still happen. If you feel you might help this project, checkout code: backend API, frontend, jquery, or check the contact page.