About ytTREX and us

If you feel the project in your interest, we would love to expand our team ― FYI, we're all unfunded

Why ? To help digital activism and analysts in assessing algorithmic influences

We strongly expects algorithmic content curation, as form of power and control, would be used and abused in many ways by multiple actors. We acknowldge our limits in even slightly shaping this political debate. We concentrate in developing technology to enable healthy discussion and skeptic analysis. We commit in transferring the centralization power to the border of the network.

Who worked on this, active and less active


youtube.tracking.exposed takes its inspiration, methods, experience, and code from facebook.tracking.exposed. This project is motivated by and refers to the tracking.exposed manifesto; the goal is to create free (libre) software, support a community of analysts and developers, and enable critical analysis of monopolist platforms. This website is on Hugo and mods can be pull-requested on this repository.


This project start as part of ALEX research initiative, lead by DATACTIVE, in University of Amsterdam. The grant covered Tracking Exposed improvement since November ‘18 till February ‘20. After since the project is unfunded and contributions happens via personal volunteering capacity.

Want more more? Check out the data processing and privacy policy, weTest#1, our very rare blogposts, and CHIARO.

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