A data-activism project; We develop tech to dissect & expose Youtube influence.

Install youtube.tracking.exposed browser extension

The first two experiments
Polarization and Reinforcement

Three days analysis with ten researchers. The research aim to split the group in two and see how different activities are considered by YT to personalize the next recommendation.

Compare and Guess

Three days initial research with a dozen of students: we began by mapping Youtube personalization differences and distances.

2020 At the beginning
  • The year begun with heated debate and articles on academic research using API or non-logged profiles. We were happy! because, someone acknowledges that you can't investigate algorithms without a passive scraper, which is precisely what we do, and we hope to be used by researchers.
  • Keep improving visualization in personal page.
  • Compare video from the same Author.
  • The first collaborative test is happening! wetest#1, inspired by the first collective observation of PornHub algorithm

2019 Completed components
  • Released working browser extension, good enough for researchers and running workshops. A good high level description is in our project analysis.
  • Released a page with a summary of our first experiments.
  • Give control to researchers and individuals: a supported can tag their contributions, and remove any evidence they don't want to preserve. Download data in CSV format or via API.
  • Public stats.