Tools and commands for automated youtube testing

Install nodejs in your system

Copy the git repository locally

Things to know about the script src/guardoni.js

  1. it have to follow a list of URL retrieved from a JSON list reachable on the web. You can decide which URL, we offer two of them as default: conservative, progressive.
  2. you have to create a directory where the chrome-profile would live. we suggest to create a directory in methodology/profiles/
  3. you have to download a .zip (the browser extension of and unpack it methodology/extension/

What you’re ready, guardoni.js is a script that uses puppeteer and automate chrome. for our video we configured the method to watch them till the end. In other pages and other cases you might want to train your profile


node scr/guardoni.js --source --profile profiles/conservative1

or, if you enable debug:

DEBUG=*,-puppeteer:* node src/guardoni.js --source --profile profiles/progressive1

Last remarks: guardoni is in a preliminary stage and settings might change

  1. Please double check with the descriptive README.
  2. Consider joining our Mattermost chat and reach out if you need any help.