Statistics & Bar charts

adoption trends, system performances, and few lines on open data

New adopters

Newcomers is the number of people installing the extension. In every day the sum of new installations is counted.

Last access (a.k.a recently active supporters)

Here the graph displays the number of active supporters, for the last time, in the correspondent day.

Evidences successful analyzed by our pipeline

Below a graph on how our parsers are performing: how many HTMLs have been parsed successfully or not. The failures count might not be a failure from the parsers, but rather the collection of pages not yet supported (such as homepage, search results, channel, and others).

video metadata (recommendations)

This reports the number of suggested videos. Normally we should expect circa 20 recommended content, but if any user scroll more, or youtube serve less, we’ll spot from here.

video metadata (anything else)

How is the video parser working? how it is our usage of the platform? Consider a new language might not be supported, and here we should spot it

Nature of processed pages

which kind of pages are we processing the most?

Searches stats

How many searches belongs to experiment and how many others to random partecipants?

Leaves — the new collection method

Statistics and OpenData enable network effects, data reuse, and collaborative revision of our project. But they are tricky and can’t be released carelessly: