The COP* debate on Youtube

*Collective Observation Project

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(Tracking.Exposed project) (Youchoose.AI project )

The CO-Project steps

  • 01. Discuss the CO-Project at the pre-COP

    At this talk, and at the climate camp with activists

  • 02. Run the CO-Project during the COP

    A collective data collection will be carry out along with automated techniques

  • 03. Discuss the results

    Releasing the report and discussing it with the community (before climate collapses)

Climate change is one of the most significant global challenges of our time,
and continued greenhouse gas emissions pose an existential threat to humanity.

Google 2019 Environmental Report

Climate Misinformation

* * *

AVAAZ report, 2019

"For the search term “global warming,” 16% of the top 100 related videos included under the up-next feature and suggestions bar had misinformation about climate change."
"YouTube is driving its users to climate misinformation and the world’s most trusted brands are paying for it."

Eni fined for €5 millions because of "deceptive" claims that palm oil biodiesel is 'green', misleading consumers in an advertisement campaign Wall Street Journal

Is Greenwashing targeting climate activists?

* * *

Let's compare the ads provided us while watching climate videos
The opposite of AVAAZ: we collect the greenwashing ads targeting climate activists' videos

Monitoring Greenwashing on Youtube

  • 01. Greenwashing advertising

    Brands benefit from the ora of climate acitivist to place adverstisement on their content
    Greenwashing creates wrong associations between concepts

  • 02. Give back control to Youtubers

    Content creators don't have any visibility or control on the ads that are placed on their content.
    This is frustrating for many of them

  • 03. Brands are not always the victims

    Harming youtubers should be a good reason to change too
    Next ADpocalypse should be bottom-up

A browser extension that enables users to see
recommendations from content creators, directly on YouTube.
A software to passivily scrape and collect algorithm's outputs
(such as videos suggested in the hompage, suggestions bar, ads...)
To be released by the end of 2021
for updates subscribe at

Methodology of the Collective Observation

  • Collective Observation

    People around the web, te same day, perform the same list of actions on Youtube

  • The browser extension

    Youchoose tool will record all the ads seen by the users with their own profile

  • Independent data collection

    No official APIs involved

Join the COP!

Participate in the research as academic and/or activist


Download the add-on
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